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The newest commissionable tour to roll into Lahaina has wheels spinning and heads turning. Called Segway Maui, it’s a must-try excursion for repeat island visitors as well as clients who simply want a fresh approach to exploring the destination.

The big selling point is the Segway itself, a sleek, self-balancing two-wheeled personal transporter that goes just about anywhere a pedestrian can go, only faster. And while its maximum speed is just 12 mph, a Segway provides a wind-in-your-hair freedom that clients simply can’t get from four-wheel tours.

Segway Maui Tours meet our high standards for providing customers a safe and memorable experience and are recognized as providing the highest quality tour in their area. All of our Segway Tours deliver the utmost in safety and training - providing fun instruction, smaller guide-to-glider ratio, and in-depth knowledge of technical and practical usage.

     Benefits of taking Segway Tour with us;

  • Segway of Maui have the latest Segway PT product information  and training

   • Tours follow Segway PT recommended safety guidelines          promoting a smooth and safe experience
   • Smaller guide-to-glider ratio enables more personal attention
   • Tours are pedestrian-friendly and conform to all local    regulations
   • You will be part of the environment, you will feel the island of    Maui (Hawaii) with all of your senses

More fun than walking, more eco-friendly than driving -- the Segway PT is the best way to see Maui!

More Segway PT Tour Info
• Frequent daily departures
• Experienced guides
• Easy to learn
• Locally owned and operated
• Great for families, couples, or singles!

Tour and Training Overview:
• After a fun training on how to safely operate the Segway, you'll explore Maui sceneries with a fully narrated tour. Tours are limited to ten riders and ages 14 and up are welcome.
• You will experience the Segway i2 with Lean Steer Technology on all of our Maui Tours.

Private Tours in Details - Included With a Private Segway Tour:
•Private check-in and training at our facility for your group only.
•Personal Tour Guide - Experienced guide at your service.
•Selection of departure times to fit your schedule.
•Tour route customized to fit your needs, rider ability, previous tour experience and your schedule.
•Private tours available per your request with 48 hours notice.

Private tours are generally booked at times that do not conflict with our regular public tour schedule.

We discourage booking private groups as part of a regular public tour departure time. Private events provide personal attention, departure flexibility (ie: If your group runs late arriving at our location), avoids splitting your group with other guests and quicker training.

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Published on  April 25th, 2019